OBD GPS tracker- combats the challenges of keeping track of your fleet!

obd tracker for tracking car location on real time

Highlights: Real-time fleet and asset tracking

Company Profile

Our customer is a renowned Logistics Company, delivering their high-tech services for the complete management of transportation at an economical price. They are also one of the principal carriers for consignments from anywhere in the country, who offer customers with an individual, cost-effective service enabling the transportation of all sorts of equipment to be delivered in ideal condition and on time, projecting the image the customer be worthy of.

A Requirement of the Client

The client needed a solution to assist them in tracking their assets and at the same time make use of their accessible infrastructure. A confronts notorious were as follows:

  • Real-time location management
  • Integration of the monitoring system

The Challenge

The Company had urbanized an in-house backend portal which they used to keep all transactional proceedings. However, as the business was going well, they were struggling to keep track of their fleet of vehicles, monitor their movement, and fuel analysis.

A Solution provided by ThinkRace Technology

Our team proposed our GPS tracking solution where we craft necessities for the patron to access the real-time tracking of the cars via applications or open API integration. The GPS vehicle locator was designed to help them view real-time location of their transport vehicles through their backend portal. Moreover, to keep a track on driving behaviour and monitor fuel-consumption, the OBD GPS tracker is the right solution for all kinds of Companies who are facing the same conflict.

The right kind of product!

Fleet Management Solution provided by the OBD GPS tracker factory helps in tracking the cars through GPS tracking system on duty, driver performance, fuel consumption and route monitoring real-time, through a secured and user-friendly web/ mobile interface.

With our trustworthy services, the client can now focus on the core business requirements and be well on the journey of augmented productivity and profitability.

How is the tracking solution useful?

  • Easy to use and install! With plug& play feature, the tracking solution can easily be installed in the OBD port.
  • Their fleet was mapped to our system and the access to the same was given via apps and applications.
  • The customer was able to track the productivity and made sure everything worked in sync.
  • The business became more organized and there was discipline amongst the drivers.
  • In-depth analytical report on the tracking with a user- friendly control panel that provides information linked to total-mileage, high-speed mileage, over-speed and a lot more.
  • Internal superior sensitivity MTK chipset for add-on security.

Why ThinkRace?

We are an industry leader in providing GPS tracking solutions, IoT solutions, and fitness monitoring equipment. Having more than 11 years of experience in the field, we are capable to assemble 8000+ devices per day. Our contented patrons entail 500+ world’s top Companies. We provide customized PCBA and Prototype designing of our products and services. Our team of experienced mavens takes great pride in offering the customized apps and web tracking platforms.

To build a brand under your name, you can hire us for OBD GPS tracking ODM/OEM/JDM services. We are focused on delivering innovative manufacturing tracking solutions to clients and to serve them with best of our capability by providing after-sales technical support.