Family Safety

In a speedily changing security environment with all kinds of natural and manmade threats around us, the well-being of family members is a foremost concern for all of us. The knack to using all available resources and channels to provide rapid aid to family members when needed is imperative. This budding urgency of personal and family safety is what ThinkRace Technology is trying to address with a set of incorporated technologies that comprise of mobile applications, voice technologies, collaboration tools and other data-enabled services. Our GPS tracker for people facilitates tracking solutions that will alert you when they are in trouble, using the web tracking platform innovative check-in feature. This app will permit you to locate and protect your loved ones in time and put off these unfortunate incidents from taking place. In case of any natural catastrophe like earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes etc, you can immediately find the precise location of your loved ones using smart-watch technology and assist them instantly if they need.

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Family Safety Product Range

We at GPS watch manufacturer help our clients by offering them with top-notch modified tracking solutions for family safety. Our comprehensive range of products is for personal safety, kid’s safety, elderly safety, and pet safety. Our complete solution can be tracked through our web tracking platform and open API. Stay connected and safe with your loved ones is the mission of our team!

Elderly Care

Know the immediate and exact location of your elderly loved ones, 24/7. With the help of our Elderly GPS smartwatch design, unobtrusive tracking device built to keep seniors safe and sound. The tracking system remotely monitors the location and use, to protect against falls, wandering, and online scams & abuse around the clock. The GPS tracking solution is built on a platform used by hundreds of thousands of users, to keep their loved ones safe. Track their location using open API and app platform!

kids saftey

Kids Safety

For parents concerned about their children’s safety, best child GPS tracking devices can be of help. Adopt our wearable’s product such as watches which help you to track your kid’s location and deliver you with complete peace of mind.

The kid watch technology is equipped with tremendous features like real-time location with multiple- alarm and SOS emergency button to help you stay connected with your family and friends. You can track the precise location using the web tracking platform that is accessible for both iOS& Android. Easy to use and available in different colours, kid GPS watch factory endure crafting cutting-edge solutions to protect children and give them safety and freedom!

Personal Tracker

When do we mention the word GPS personal tracking what comes to mind? A virtual safety web for those adventurous souls who set out to explore the wild! Or the housewife who wants to keep continuous checks on her husband! Whatever your requirements may be there is a personal GPS tracker premeditated specifically to fit your desires.

This tiny and light-weighted device by smart-watch manufacturer is all ready to track the exact real-time location of the individual. Great battery backup, SOS for an emergency call, voice monitoring, three-mode positioning and compatible to iOS& Android are some key features of the tracking device!

pets tracker

Pet Tracker

We believe that pets and their owners share a special bond. Strengthen that bond by always knowing the exact location of your furry friends, directly on your smartphone. Regardless of when or where, always stay connected to your dog or cat, with our GPS real-time tracking device! The appreciation goes to the integrated GEO-Fence; the system will inform you immediately in the case if your pet leaves a pre-defined safe area.

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, with the aid of GPS trackers, the GPS watch wholesaler deliver you with the podium where you can locate accurately and reliably the precise whereabouts of your pet from almost anywhere in the world.

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