GPS Pet Tracker PT590

Looking for the best pet tracker for your escaped artist?

Smart Locator

Track your four-legged friend with accurate location information

Voice Monitoring

Get to monitor the surrounding of the pets


Having IP67, the device works in water as well.

Complete OEM/ODM/JDM Services

Our manufacturing base provides complete OEM/ODM/JDM Services according to our client’s requirements.

GPS Pet Tracker PT590


We all love our furry-friend and imagining a sight to lose them makes us tremble! We are willing to try new methods of keeping them safe and sound. We present you with finest quality GPS best pet tracker which will let you know the exact location of your pets! The smart locator PT590 is a GPS pet collar which is further well-equipped with features like two-mode positioning, SOS emergency button to name a few! Simply attach it to pet’s collar and track the real-time location of your pet using web tracking software.

Two Way Communication

Call or receive accurate contact information of your pets.

SOS Emergency Call

Press the SOS button at the moment of an emergency situation.

Low Power Alarm

PT590 has a low power alarm system when your battery goes down.


Features Detail
Positioning GPS+AGPS+LBS+Wifi Positioning
Operating System MTK
Language Support Multi -language(Customize)
Colors White,Yellow,Red,Blue,Black
Charging Magnetic charging
Display Blue LED Indicator, No screen
Temperature  -20~70 ºC
MIC Built-in Hi-fi MIC
Battery capacity 420mAh
Bluetooth BT3.0(With optional)
Physical buttons Power On/SOS alarm
Communication GSM, GPRS
System Android 3.0, IOS 6.0
Standby time >96H
Operating Temperature -20℃~55 ℃
Device Weight BMA250EF
Device Size 49.10 X40.3X15.5mm
GPRS Class 12
Chipset MT6737
Sim card Nano
GPS Channel 66
Antenna LDS
Antenna LDS
Location Accuracy 3-10 meters
Tracking Sensitivity -165dBm A28
Acquisition Sensitivity -148dBm
TTFF (open sky) Hot start <5s Cold start<30 s


Real time tracking

Get to know the precise real-time location of your furry friend.


Distinguish a safer area from an unsafe area by setting a boundary limit.

Two mode positioning

PT590 has two mode positioning features.

Discover the best GPS PET Tracker

ThinkRace Technology helps you to have a peace of mind by offering the most reliable and complete set of features in our pet tracker. Get real-time location, set desired GEO-Fence and track your pets using apps and platform. The pet tracker manufacturer crafted the dog tracker design which is comfortable to wear and the pets will not make any fuss about it. Track your pets with its highly developed two-mode positioning system.

Turning your ideas into commercially usable products via dog tracker ODM/OEM/JDM services and using the cutting-edge pet tracker technology is what we are renowned for.

One of the worst feelings in the world is not knowing about your dog or if he is safe after he escapes from your yard. Word of thanks to technology and advanced pet trackers with which you are able to locate your companion. The product has SOS emergency button and provides the reliable information about the whereabouts of the pet. It is waterproof also so don’t worry when your pet step in water!

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