How App & IoT technology helps luggage industry improve customer experience?

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Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to change how we live, travel, as well as run businesses efficiently.

The concept of IoT has often misunderstood. It is several things get connected together. It can be a device, vehicle, physical object, domestic appliances, or a baggage handling equipment.

As the number of traveler across the globe has increased so the amount of suitcases and bags that needs to move from one place to another. Thus it has become very important in keeping the track of luggage.

IoT technology is altering the way our bags move when we do, both airlines and luggage industries have been involved together in working towards secure baggage control, and several development and products will make the future travel so much better.

Consumer experience has suffered a little in the luggage industry. Could apps and the Internet of Things (IoT) be the key to personalize and reduce the stress of travel? The univocal answer is yes.

Pairing Internet of Things and smartphones is changing everything from our vehicle to our household. This is making our lives easier and it was only a matter of time before it came into the travel business. Smart luggage is obviously the next step.

ThinkRace Technology is a leading GPS tracker, IoT solution & fitness monitoring equipment’s Company that manufactured luggage GPS tracker. The tracking device allows users to wrap their luggage with GPS technology so that they could track their luggage worldwide. This enables users to know when their baggage is being manhandled, is on the carousel, or even stolen. According to a report 1.5 million bags lost or stolen, 3.5 million bags damaged and 16.6 million bags delayed each year, luggage locator play an informative role for travelers.

If carrying luggage around is too cumbersome and you’d prefer hand-free experience, then luggage GPS tracking will make your travelling much easier. The smart luggage tracker is designed with GPS technology to support 24/7 tracking, alongside with an activated by a smartphone app.

The real-time asset tracking device feature pre-loaded global SIM to provide worldwide coverage. With ultra-long standby battery, real-time tracking and geo-fencing feature safeguard your luggage. The tracking solution have been equipped with illegal removal feature that sends a notification if removed.
ThinkRace Technology is helping luggage industries with smart luggage tracker options for an easier, lighter travel experience. Their in-house R&D team provides luggage tracker ODM/OEM/JDM services along with complete app & application customization.