Get peace of mind with GPS OBD tracking device

Real-time location

The OBD trackers provide accurate and reliable real-time location of the vehicle

Multi Alarm System

To provide complete security of the vehicle, OBD tracker comes with multiple alarm features.

OTA upgrade support

The device can get automatic up gradation from the service provider.

Complete OEM/ODM/JDM Services

Our manufacturing team delivers complete ODM/OEM/JDM services as per client’s requirements.

OBD GPS Tracker VT200B

obd-tracker vt200b-400x400

VT2OOB turns your car into a smart car within minute. Connect OBD 2 Car Tracker device directly into your cars diagnostic port and track your car real-time location from our mobile app or web platform. OBD port is available in any car manufactured after 1996. With mini GPS tracker for car, get access to most of the car safety alerts and features including real-time vehicle location, vehicle diagnostics and trip reports, speed alerts, emergency crash response and even maintenance reminder.

Route and Location History

Get the complete history of the routes you are travelling to and fro.

Multi Alarm

Secure your car from theft with OBD tracker’s multiple-alarm feature.

3-Axis Accelerometer

Product is equipped with 3-axis accelerometer for exact location and driving behaviour.


Features Detail
GSM Frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
GSM Chipset SIM800L
GPS Chipset MTK3337
Acquisition Sensitivity -144dBm
Receive Frequency 1575.42 MHZ
Tracking Sensitivity -159dBm
GPS location time Cold start:30s;

Hot start:2s(Open sky)

Place of Origin Guangdong China
Type On-Board Diagnostic
Power <1.2W
Weight 50G
Operation Temp -30℃~75℃
Transmit Protocol TCP/UDP
Flash memory 16M byte
Working voltage DC 8V-28V
Operation Current 55mA
Sleep Current 8mA
ESD test Contact 8KV
Air discharge 10KV


Easy To Install

Simply plug-in into an OBD port without any help from a technician


Make a boundary for the vehicle with GEO-fencing feature

Vehicle Health Monitoring

The device monitors the vehicle health by sending the diverse faulty codes

Get a tracking solution that connects connects easily and quickly!

We are the leading GPS car tracker manufacturer, designed and developed VT200B real time GPS tracker for car. We also help B2B customers with our OBD II GPS vehicle tracker ODM/OEM/JDM services. Our experts provide complete hardware and software solutions and customized apps & applications services.

OBD Tracker Plug & Play is an ideal for a range of applications where a hardwired tracking solution may not be appropriate. The OBD device for car provides complete visibility of the assets with advance track and traces functionality that can be viewed in real-time location and through web tracking platform and open API. The tracking system is equipped with wide-range of security features!

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Get real-time location of your car along with history playback, geo-fencing, over speed alert, illegal removal alarm, car mileage and detect your vehicle health. This simple plug & play device is ideal for Automobile Industries, Logistic Companies, Car Rental Companies and Insurance Companies. For safe data transfer it uses MQTT/TLS protocol.