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ThinkRace Technology is an advanced GPS/OBD2 solution provider Company. Our web tracking App on your mobile combines with our OBD (On-board diagnostics) and GPS device in your car to make your car a smart car and you a smarter driver. Just plug the device in your car and make your car always connected to the cloud. Furthermore, the app on your mobile connects to your car’s data in the cloud and brings you all the insights at your finger-tips.

The pre-diagnostic function of OBD, the car tracking technology delivers you and your family members’ a peace of mind. Our car tracking ODM/OEM/JDM services help to serve your brand and our excellent after-sale services are designed to gratify the patrons the most. OBD trackers are used in the industries like fleet management, insurance, telecommunication, automobile & other technology-related vertical to provide them with valuable service with complete security & safety.

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Connected Solution for yourCAR

The vehicle tracking system serves in providing the complex information related to ECU (Engine Control Unit) into simple and understandable language. You can get to know the diverse features like engine fault codes, monitor real-time statistics, vehicle speed, and vehicle identification number and engine RPM.


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GPS Location

Track the real-time location of the car using car tracker device. The device uses a global SIM network to send data to the server via GSM network. You can further, track the location of your car through web tracking platform. The device can serve the needs of fleet or personal owners to track the location of the vehicle.

OBD Tracker Product Range

Vehicle tracking system manufacturers take great pride in offering you the top-notch products and additionally, customizing our products as per your requirements. Feel free to contact us for any kind of information related to our products or services.

Mileage Analysis & Report

You can be sure about the information which our OBD tracker delivers to you as the tracking device obtains accurate data from ECU (Engine Control Unit). Get an in-depth analytical report on the tracking mobile app Amber-OBD and platform www.amber360.com with a user-friendly control panel that provides information associated to total mileage, high-speed mileage, over-speed mileage, middle-speed mileage, low-speed mileage along with the equivalent time and percentage for a better perceptive of the individual.

Fuel Consumption Monitor Analysis

With our GPS vehicle locator, you can get the benefit of investigation on fuel consumption report. Monitor the total fuel consumption, over-speed fuel consumption, middle-speed fuel consumption, high-speed fuel consumption, low-speed fuel consumption and idle speed fuel consumption with a consequent fraction of accuracy of the fuel consumption analysis. This further, helps in the cost management to fleet management companies.

Driving Behavior Analysis

The factor of driving behaviour analysis is grounder on terms of over-speed driving, hard acceleration, accurately detect, hard deceleration, sharp turn, urgent lanes change, hard refuel, hard breaking, fatigue driving and likewise. Car tracking device manufacturers will make use of Big Data technology to accumulate the data of every trip and store the same in the database for future reference for the purpose like Usage Based Insurance (UBI). To keep an eye on the driving pattern of teens or drivers, this data will serve on the same ground which will aid in ensuring the safety checks for the car driver and the passengers.

Vehicle Health Detect

From this, we will get to know the vehicle’s health! The product delivers a powerful OBD diagnostic tool to support faults like power charging system detect, emission system detects, engine system detect, cooling system detect, throttle system detect, an idle system detect, error code read and error code clean. Find over 300 kinds of parts and systems detection, comprehensive and inclusive detection saving the vehicle maintenance money. OBD Tracking system provides pre-diagnostic of car problems which serve in maintaining the car life and performance.

OTA Upgrade Support

The improvement of Software and firmware of any vehicle needs proficiency and we at ThinkRace Technology, car tracker wholesaler serve OTA upgrade support for our patrons for data-driven progress to reduce the vehicle maintenance. Our team hold partnership and providing our services to small OBD tracker dealers, insurance companies, fleet management companies, telecom companies & others businesses. We at car tracker factory deliver end-to-end OTA solutions, tools and preparations to bring the updated files and the implementation of the upgrading procedure as per the succession.

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