OBD2 GPS Car Tracker VT200

   Get peace of mind with GPS OBD tracking device

Real-time location

The OBD trackers provide accurate and reliable real-time location of the vehicle

Multi Alarm System

To provide complete security of the vehicle, OBD tracker comes with multiple alarm features.

OTA upgrade support

The device can get automatic up gradation from the service provider.

Complete OEM/ODM/JDM Services

Our manufacturing team delivers complete ODM/OEM/JDM services as per client’s requirements.

OBD2 GPS Car Tracker VT200

obd vt200

We present you with a novel technology premeditated for people who runs a business of renting a car. The tracking device is a unique antitheft tracking solution with built-in GPS that is activated when the car is moved or moved suddenly from the point where it was parked. Get real-time location with OBD Car tracking device, which shows route history as well as driving behaviour. The product is plug-in& play and is further equipped with all kinds of safety and security features.

Route and Location History

Get the complete history of the routes you are travelling to and fro.

Multi Alarm

Secure your car from theft with OBD tracker’s multiple-alarm feature.

3-Axis Accelerometer

Product is equipped with 3-axis accelerometer for exact location and driving behaviour.


Features Detail
Positioning GPS+LBS+WIFI+AGPS Positioning
Acceleration Sensor BLE 4.0
Waterproof IP65
Island Trading Helen Bennett
Charging interface Pogo Pin charging
Display About 550uA
Camera 30W FF
Battery 680mAh/4.35Vli-polymer battery support NTC
Bluetooth 4.1
Display About 550uA
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
System Android 6.0
Standby time >96H
Operating Temperature -20℃~55 ℃
Device Weight BMA250EF
Device Size 49.10 X40.3X15.5mm
GPRS Class 12
Chipset MT6737
Sim card Nano
GPS Channel 66
Antenna LDS
Antenna LDS
Location Accuracy 3-10 meters
Tracking Sensitivity -165dBm A28
Acquisition Sensitivity -148dBm
TTFF (open sky) Hot start <5s Cold start<30 s


Easy To Install

Simply plug-in into an OBD port without any help from a technician


Make a boundary for the vehicle with GEO-fencing feature

Vehicle Health Monitoring

The device monitors the vehicle health by sending the diverse faulty codes

Get a tracking solution that connects connects easily and quickly!

The OBD tracker (VT200) is a pioneering wireless car tracking device which is compact in design and can be plug-in into a vehicle’s OBDII port. The inbuilt GPS chip has an advanced sensitivity that helps in getting the accurate location very quickly and further, providing with the driving behaviour of the driver. OBD tracking device has an internal super OBD reader which can attain vehicle’s driving information from its on-board computer and that data will send it to the server by GPRS network and you can monitor that on your smart-phone.

OBD Tracker Plug & Play is an ideal for a range of applications where a hardwired tracking solution may not be appropriate. The OBD device for car provides complete visibility of the assets with advance track and traces functionality that can be viewed in real-time location and through web tracking platform and open API. The tracking system is equipped with wide-range of security features!

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