Track the live location of your children

Live Positioning

With inbuilt GPS+LBS+WIFI positioning get the location of your children anytime.

Electronic Fence

Create a virtual boundary for your child and get alerted when they leaves the preset area.

Voice Monitoring

High-sensitivity Mic allows you to monitor your children’s surroundings.

Complete OEM/ODM/JDM Services

Our manufacturing base provides complete OEM/ODM/JDM Services according to our client’s requirements.

Touch Screen GPS Watch PT82

Touch Screen GPS Watch PT82

PT82 is the small GPS tracker for kids that give the real-time location of your kids. The GPS kids smartwatch is not just a watch, but also a phone-calling watch. The kids’ smart watch is packed with many advanced features like real-time tracking, two-way communication, SOS emergency button, pedometer sensor and much more. With child safety tracker app views the live location using customized app and application service.

Two-Way Communication

With two-way calling feature let your kids make and receive the call in one press

SOS Calling

Hold SOS button for 3 seconds and send your current location to your parents and caregivers.

History Route

View your children’s historical activities to look back over a specific period.


Features Detail
GSM Frequency 1800/1900 MHz, 850/900MHz
GPRS Class 12, TCP/IP
GSM Antenna Built-in
GPS Chipset MKT2503
GPS Antenna Built-in
Positioning Accuracy <10 meter
Tracking Sensitivity -159dBm
TTFF(Open Sky) Cold start:<2 s; Hot start :<35 s
Color Blue/pink/yellow
Operating Humidity 5%~95%
Operating Temperature -20℃~60℃
Dimension 230*35*12 mm
Battery 400 mAh
Standby Time 3 Days
OLED Screen 0.66 inch


Pedometer Sensor

Record your child’s steps, calories, distance and encourage getting a healthier life!

Easy to wear

The smartwatch is small and light weight that kids loves to wear.

Voice chat

Send important voice note with the inbuilt voice chat feature.

Keep Your Kids Safe and Secure

Keep your kids safe and secure

It is the best child GPS tracking device that give 24/7 tracking functionality. With three-mode positioning WIFI+GPS+LBS get real-time location of your children. Two-way calling let you stay connected to your kids. Monitor their distance traveled, steps count and calorie burned with pedometer sensor. With one touch SOS emergency button be with your kids when in need.

Kids GPS locator watch uses multi-mode positioning system like GPS+LBS+WiFi for accurate tracking, two-way communication to stay in touch anytime and anywhere, geo-fencing to create a safe area for little ones, one-touch SOS button for emergency calling, remote voice monitoring, pedometer for monitoring health by calculating steps count, distance and calorie burned.

Become a ThinkRace Partner

ThinkRace Technology is the largest kids watch manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier providing complete peace of mind to parents or caregivers. We also provide custom-made tracking product to B2B customers. Create your own kids GPS tracking product via our ODM/OEM/JDM service. Our product is very helpful for hospitals, care centers, boarding school, foster homes, and education institutes.