Wearable Fitness Tracker ODM/OEM/JDM

Fitness band manufacturer building different wearable products that help transform people’s lives and business in a better way for safety and fitness. Our in-house R&D team provides complete fitness band ODM/OEM/JDM services to our clients in our fitness tracker factory. When our clients have great ideas, we turn those ideas into commercially via many version products with a powerful combination of high quality and competitive pricing.


PCBA Design & Layout


Mechanism design & Prototype


Firmware & Algorithm

Mobile App

App & Cloud Server

Safety is an essential concern

Safety is an essential concern for the wearable because it is in prolonged contact with the human body. The materials we use in the fitness band design are of the medical standard as it can avoid allergic responses. We also control the potential sources of harm such as surface, temperature and components. We perform several tests at each stage of the product at our sports watch factory.

Comfortable Fit, Low power

The fitness band technology that the user is wearing needs to be incredibly relaxing. Fitness tracker has to fit properly on the user; else the user won’t use it. The small form factors of wearable devices dictate the use of extremely small batteries, because of those wearable need smart technologies that implement low-power methodologies in various points of the sports watch design.

Open source for Wearables

Fitness tracker manufacturer entails of engineers those are bullish on the idea of open source in both hardware and software. We cater with providing our clients with SDK or the open source platform to implement the solutions. For fitness tracker technology, you can avail the benefits of our web tracking platforms that we further customize as per your needs.

Security above all

Fitness tracker requires multiple layers of security due to the sensitive nature of the data. Device security, Link security, Cloud security and for these kinds of security layers should be enabled both in hardware and software and can scale from the core level all the way up to the system level.


When it comes to reaching your production goals, quality and the price, sports watch manufacturer will be the right name. Having an excellent wearable design house and manufacturer, fitness band wholesaler will make the lower power consumption wearable for you. The safe material for wearable, an excellent mobile app for business requirements are what we are known for.

Our Clients of ODM/JDM

  • vodafone
  • G4S-ThinkRace
  • Huawei-ThinkRace
  • lenovo
  • Allianz-ThinkRace
  • One2Track

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