Why Your Enterprise Needs a Fleet Management System?

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For the enterprises operating great commercial fleets, an optimized fleet is of decisive importance. Being a fleet manager, it’s up to you to maintain a fleet that gets the job done while delivering competence and cost savings.

Your workday commences with assigning jobs and vehicles, deciding routes and timings, and making sure the fleets start and run on time. You also have to check if the vehicles are in perfect condition, if their maintenance dates are coming up, and which ones need instant servicing. All of this information is seizure on paper, logged in numerous spreadsheets, and then fed into an ERP.

This requires time and money and seen as nightmare for every fleet owner.

What’s the Way Out?

Cut through these challenges and get complete visibility and control over your fleet operations. A tracking fleet management solution helps you bring all the disparate tasks; tracking, maintenance, analysis, and reporting; on one single dashboard.

Operational Challenges

Managing geographically isolated fleets: No matter how well a fleet schedule is planned, once the vehicles are out of your sight, you have to depend on calls to figure out where the vehicles are. This is further convoluted when you have huge commercial fleets operating across several cities, and no single place to view or manage the fleet.

Information Access: To maintain large fleets, a numerous logs detailing vehicle timings, trip data, maintenance/servicing information and more, all are recorded on diverse documents. Finding any one piece of information, or viewing all this information holistically, to recognize patterns and problems, can become an enormous challenge.

Safety: Driver and vehicle safety are among the chief concerns for any commercial fleet. And while you might have prevalent regulation governing how your drivers should be driving, you have no way of knowing if they are fundamentally following the rules.

How can Car OBD tracking system help?

A car tracking system can help you consolidate all the dissimilar aspects that you need to monitor, giving you better visibility and transparency in your fleet operations.

  • Real-time GPS tracking for all your fleets for live location updates
  • Trip details and overall fleet performance measurement on web dashboards
  • Find any fleet data with just a few clicks
  • Track vehicle usage and diagnostic data to spot performance issues and problematic usage patterns
  • Monitor driving behavior to know which drivers need greater assistance and training

Financial Challenges

Operational Costs: Unorganized way of managing your fleet assets and spotting performance issues before they become huge problems. And it can mean significant loss of investment for your company.

Fuel Costs: Companies usually try to bring down expenses by economic fuel usage, with better scheduling and routing. However, that is possible only when you know the routes that your drivers are taking, traffic p+-patterns that regularly delay your vehicles, or driving practices that consume more fuel.

Insurance Costs: The more prone you vehicles are to accidents, the higher your insurance liability. Insurance premiums also depend upon your fleets’ history of road mishaps.

How can OBD tracking solution serve?

  • Get route history of the driver
  • Complete Telematics data of the fleet
  • Data entails the depreciation cost of the car and all the information related to insurance.

The GPS vehicle locator is the ideal companion to run your fleet business smoothly! The solution by ThinkRace Technology comprises and serves you with all the relevant GPS OBD tracking technology.

We provide customized apps& application and further OBD tracking ODM/OEM/JDM services contingent to your needs and requirements.